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Crispy Gamer

Crispy Gamer is a fresh online roast of today’s ever-evolving gamer landscape. We are gamers unlocking real issues that pertain to us. We dish out gaming culture and keep it crispy.

Here you’ll find gaming-related articles, stories, and comics by actual gamers who are not afraid to speak their minds and help shape a gaming ethos with their independent insight. Our writers and artists walk to a different beat that most others and their unique abilities shine through the work produced here. 

If you consider yourself a gamer and would like to express yourself via this website, feel free to contact Editorial by going to Contact Us and send your information to Editorial Inquiries. We believe that quality content can come from anyone and we are always looking for people who creatively express themselves in the gaming sphere. 

Our Writers

Our writers are an ensemble chorus of the independent video game writers in the industry. Our strength lies in the range and variety of their interests, the depth of their passion, and the skill with which they are able to share knowledge with their readers.

Our Reviews

We believe that star- or number-based rating systems are inherently broken. Reviews are not scorecards, and culture and art cannot be usefully evaluated according to a checklist. We task our writers with exploring the spectrum of experiences games can offer. Our goal is to awaken curiosity about games, stimulate conversation about what makes them engaging, and generate greater understanding and appreciation for games and their creators. For consumers seeking guidance on what game to purchase, we offer one of three simple recommendations: Buy It, Try It or Fry It.