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Pigs Are Flying Dept.: Jones Tries Assassin's Creed II


I was never a fan of the original Assassin's Creed. I stuck with it for awhile. But eventually the game just felt too hinky and too ambitious for its own good. I was lost all the time. I had no sense of direction, or that I was getting anywhere. I shelved it and moved on with my life.

The original sold enough copies to merit a sequel, much to my chagrin. When Ubisoft announced that the sequel was imminent, it was like being told that you have to re-marry your ex.

My response: "I tried to love you once. Now you want me to try to love you again?"

Make a Mint! Sell Your Copy of Modern Warfare 2 on eBay! (Er, wait...)


Right now, even as you read this, thousands of gamers are affecting coughs and dialing their employers to let them know that they won't be coming into the office today, thanks.

The truth? They were totally up all night totally playing Modern Warfare 2, dude.

Modern Warfare 2: Am I the Only One Who Feels Utterly Indifferent Towards This Game?


While in NYC last week, I frequented a number of local game stores, including the totally batshit-insane GameStop on 33rd and Broadway (be sure to stop by there the next time you are in New York; it's worth the trip). Each and every store I walked into featured the same digital countdown clock for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. As those clocks wind down today--THREE! TWO!

Jones: STILL Playing FF XII; Gets Killed By Werewolves; Penelo = Killed Too


I've been chipping away at Final Fantasy XII over the past 10 days or so. And, to my surprise, I'm actually getting into it. I find myself looking forward to the little theme song that plays when the game first loads up. Doot, doot. Doot, doot. Doot, doot, etc.

It Came From the Game Room: 10 Things Evan Narcisse Said While Playing Tekken 6


1."Now who the hell is this guy?"

2. "Battle legs? I have to put my 'battle legs' on? These ARE my fucking legs!"

3. "Where should I go? Queens Harbor or Container Terminal 3?"

4. "Ooof, that Hillary Clinton clone snuck up on me."

5. "Hello infamous panty-flash juggle."

6. "He's a big one; I'm going to get a lot of chicken from him! And money!"

7. "Shit, I should have opened those crates. Shit, man!"

Day Two: Final Fantasy XII: Jones Defeats Rogue Tomato, Does Some Shopping In Town


So it looks like I'm really going to go through with this whole FF XII thing. I kind of can't believe it. I'm not having a terrible time so far. Which is more than I can say for most games. The dialogue is uneven, but actually pretty good in spots. Though I do wonder at times why all the citizens, even the elderly ones, are wearing half shirts and tiny, sleeveless vests.

Day One: Jones Plays Final Fantasy XII; Spots Menacing Chocobos


So I knew the opening cutscene would be long, and lavish, with lots of action and characters staring up at the sky with their blonde hair waving in their faces.

But man! This one was REALLY LONG. It was kind of exciting for awhile. Some airships flew over and everyone stared up at them. And then there was a war sequence which was very exciting and made me REALLY LUST FOR COMBAT. And then some Chocobos were running around, but these Chocobos looked kind of menacing, so I was OK with them.(I'm Chocobo-Averse. It says so in my eHarmony profile.)

The Great Cull of 2009: What Do You Do With Old, Crappy Games?


I'm back in New York for the first time in a couple months. Back in my old bed, back in my old desk chair, back in my neighborhood of many years.

It's strange being here. I find myself looking at my old things like an anthropologist, wondering: Who this person was who lived here? What were his values? How did he live? Did he enjoy his life at all?

10 Things I'm Looking Forward to Doing in the NYC Crispy Office


I'm heading for the airport shortly, boarding an Air Canada flight, then beginning the long journey back to Crispy Central in New York City.

I actually fly into Newark.


For those of you who don't know, Crispy Gamer is rare in that it's one of the few gaming-centric publications unique enough, or crazy enough, to set up shop in New York City.

ESPN's Top 10 Sports Documentaries Includes...King of Kong?


The guy who used to live in my apartment subscribed to ESPN: The Magazine. He's gone, but his subscription marches on without him.


It's not a bad magazine, especially when you're sitting on the toilet. Like movies on airplanes, all magazines get about 30-percent more interesting if you're sitting on a toilet at the time.

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