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TGS 2009: Jones and Teti Arrive, Drop Bags, Describe Tokyo as "OUR KIND OF TOWN."


Teti and I are in Tokyo all this week, staying at the Shinguku Prince Hotel, a hotel that has no gym whatsover, but on the plus side, it does have a button on the in-room telephone clearly labeled MASSAGE.

Rocksteady Made One Other Great Game Too...


Sure, Batman: Arkham Asylum is great.

But what you might not know is that the game's develper, London-based Rocksteady, cut their teeth on an obscure title that happened to be one of my favorite games of 2006: Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

Terrible name, I  know. Bear with me here.

PAX DAY 3: World's Strangest Interview Ever with BioWare's Dr. Greg, Part 1


Dr. Greg Zeschuk was roaming the PAX halls over the last few
days, talking the talk about Dragon Age: Origins during the day and, apparently, playing
Dragon Age: Origins at night. (That's how he explained his weary disposition.) He invited me to step into his
"office"--the backside of a nearby booth that the PAX hordes were
circumventing--for a Q & A. Here's what he had to say.

Jones: Obviously you have an awesome job.

Dr. Greg: I really do.

PAX Day 3: My Sex Talk with BioWare's Dr. Greg (Part 2)



Jones: Who's the one person in the industry you'd like to
work with?

Dr. Greg: Hmm. You know, there are so many people who I
love. And this sounds kind of obvious, but I'd love to see how Will Wright
works. His stuff is so different from what you see in most games. I'd love to
see how he takes his ideas and turns them into games.

DAY 2: LSU Tigers, Inflatable Hammers, and new levels for Fieldrunners


The big story of the show so far? The big story is that there is no story. All the news for 2009 has been deployed. There's nothing to do between now and January except play games.

So the big story is this: It's good to be a gamer.

The show floor is at maximum capacity today. Nerds with Cheshire cat-caliber grins plastered on their faces and swag bags dangling from their fingers are crammed into every square inch of this place.

PAX 2009: It's over, and Jones has some complaining to do.


So my first PAX is in the books. Been to a lot of NerdCons over the years, and honestly, I have to say, this one was not one of my favorites.

Hear me out before you clog my inbox with hate mail, people.

Maybe I was in one of my moods, or maybe I was coming at PAX from the wrong angle. I honestly have been traveling a lot lately, and I'm prone to crabbiness. It's entirely possible that it was me, not PAX.

PAX Day 3: Press Room Tumbleweed Spotted


As I said in an earlier post, the intent of PAX isn't to break news--there are really no big announcements left to make at this point in 2009--but to celebrate gamers and gaming culture.

PAX Day 2 Pic: Photos of those Gigantic, Fart-absorbing Cushions


Here's a snapshot I took of the loungers/deadbeats at PAX 2009.

There are two entire floors of these pasha-quality cushions, and there's basically a line of people waiting to occupy them. One person gets up, before the cushion has even cooled, a new body is already tucked into it. It's cute, and more than a little unsanitary.

PAX Day 2: 10 Games on Display That I Have Never Heard Of


Mass Effect 2? Oh yeah. It's right there. The new Splinter Cell? Sure, we've got that. Brutal Legend? Check. But not everything I've seen here qualifies as a household name. Here are 10 games that shocked, surprised, and stumped me at PAX 2009.

1. Dragon Nest

Detail: Fantasy-action RPG of the MMO variety. Trust me, this won't be the last time you'll hear that description of a game on this list.

Odds of me playing this game: 0.

2. Shank

PAX Day 1: Doors Open, Revelry Ensues


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