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Welcome To Real Life Rapture: The Westin Bonaventure


Last night Teti, Narcisse and I had dinner with our colleagues from Sony at a Japanese steak house on the sixth floor of the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles. The running joke of the night: the hotel's alarming resemblance to Rapture.

With its acquatic-themed lobby, complete with a shooting arc of water that John Teti can't seem keep his hands out of, to its absurdly out of date decor, this place looks and feels like something terrible happened here, and now only Splicers remain.

The Jones Report: It's Not Surreal; It's E3. [NSFW]


Yesterday I saw Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney; Steven Spielberg and James Cameron; and Pete Sampras and Pele. (Pele!) I sat in a tiny room with Tony Hawk alone. (He looked very tired.) I literally bumped into Hideo Kojima outside of the Ubisoft press conference. While walking into a restaurant, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were walking out. My colleague Scott Alexander of Playboy had a scheduling conflict, so he asked me to shepherd around Playboy Cybergirl Jo Garcia to the afternoon press conferences.

Batman on my Keycard: Insidious Ads at E3


I checked into the Westin Bonaventure yesterday and who should I find on my keycard but a very upset-looking Batman.

It is, of course, an advertisement for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum videogame, complete with directions on the reverse side of the keycard telling me how to find the game at E3. (Booth number 2422, South Hall, in case you were wondering.)

Everything at E3--and I mean everything--is an advertising opportunity. Is there a more insidious ad than this? I'm challenging the rest of the CG staffers to top this one.

What to Wear at E3: The Rules of Jones


Earlier this week Elise Vogel, managing editor/heart/soul of CG, left work early to go shopping for pants. Yes, I said pants. She took Anne Mischler with her, because, I was told, no woman should go pants shopping alone. My guess is that she was buying something very cute and flattering to wear during E3 next week. If you see Elise roaming the show floor while breaking in a new pair of pants, be sure to compliment her on them. Say something like, "Great pants, Elise! Are those new? They look great!" No, don't say something "like" that; say exactly that.

Jones Says: The iPhone is not evil (even if most iPhone owners are).


I took the dreaded Cathay Pacific red eye from Vancouver to JFK last night. I had my prescriptions handy, and was ready to KTFO myself for the flight, when I decided to load up Fieldrunners on my iPhone. Yes, I have an iPhone now. I know! I swore I'd never give into the iPhone bullshit. I'm tired of trying to have conversations with people who are more interested in seeing what their phones are doing instead of what I have to say.

The Apocalypse Is Nigh...


I'm fairly certain that of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse, this is number four. (Swine Flu was number three.)

Kiss your loved ones goodbye, clutch your beloved DreamCast to your chest, you pathetic nerd, and close your eyes tight.

The end of days is nigh. Pestilence is upon the land! Repent now!

Boston man gets drunk, awakes to find Sonic Spinball downloaded


Somerville, MA- After a night
of beer drinking last Sunday, Cambridge resident Bill Prince, 35, woke
up Monday morning to discover that Sonic Spinball (800 Wii points)
had been downloaded to his Wii Virtual console. "I'm not 100-percent sure how
this happened," Prince said. "I never owned
a Sega Genesis. None of my friends owned Genesis systems. And I'm definitely
not a Sonic fan, or a pinball fan. I was a Nintendo man
growing up."  

The Cutting Room Floor: The toughest levels in The Force Unleashed


[I've got a bunch of oddities/outtakes that didn't make the final cut of our two-part chat with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed's lead producer Haden Blackman. So I'll be posting them here as the week goes along. Stay tuned. -jones]

Narcisse: I had some trouble with the Death Star area at the end. I finally got through it, but man, was it a tough go.

The Force Unleashed dinner: Jimmy Smits is definitely not a dick.


Here's another outtake from our epic Dining With Developers with Haden Blackman. Today's topic: Jimmy Smits who plays Bail Organa in the game.


The Force Unleashed Dinner: The Star (Bucks) Edition


Evan, Vic and I learned a lot during our dinner with Haden Blackman last month, not the least of which is that there's actually a Starbucks *inside* the Lucas Arts building where they work.

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