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EyeToy... Natal... Kinect: The "Future of Gaming"

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You got anime in my Deus Ex


Patches? We don’t need no stinking patches!


2K Games announces their plan to screw up X-Com, and I begin shopping for high powered hunting rifles.



Earlier this week 2k Marin, the game developer studio that brought us Bioshock 2, announced that they have no idea what the hell they’re doing. In an earlier post, I asked the question “Is it possible for a new X-Com game to not suck?”  Well the answer apparently, is no.

Thus begins the era of liars and whores (ok, no whores, but liars aplenty. You've gotta give me that.)


As a gamer I’ve always had mixed feelings about April Fools day. It seems that April 1st is always the day that gaming magazines, websites and all the rest, go out of their way to do something silly. Sometimes these gags are pretty damned obvious and they produce little more than a chuckle. However, every now and then someone will go to great effort to pull off a rather impressive feat.

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