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Stop Complaining! A defense of the traditional A-F (60-100) game review scale.


I'm fairly sick of people criticizing the traditional A-F, "60-100" point (or 6-10 point) scale used by most video game review sites and magazines.

Move Bowling: Déjà vu All Over Again

Brunswick Pro Bowling

First of all, get used to hearing me mention the Wii, because I’m going to bring it up a lot.  With Sony’s new Brunswick Pro Bowling, it’s pretty much impossible not to.

Put simply, bowling with Sony’s Playstation Move feels pretty much the same as bowling on Nintendo’s Wii.  It’s marketed as a more advanced and realistic bowling experience, but I failed to see any indication that it was bringing anything new to the table. 

E3: Preview: Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Deus Ex: Human Revolution plays like a scene from its most recent trailer, and that’s a great thing indeed.  As a fan of the first game, I observed what appeared to be familiar and yet updated gameplay.  While it doesn’t appear to be revolutionary in its technology or game design, watching the live demo played by the Eidos level designer reminded me what was so attractive about the first game.

E3: Preview: Rage


As a big fan of new game development technologies, I was extremely excited to see Rage, id Software’s next flagship title.  Like Doom, and Quake before it, Rage is the title that will be showcasing the new id Tech 5 game engine.  Buzzwords like “MegaTextures” keep popping up in the industry recently, and now I got to see what all the hype was about.

iGUGU Gamecore Review


Let me start by saying that iGUGU Gamecore is a classic idea.  It embodies what every gamer has at one point or another wished existed, something long overdue: a device that converts PC controls to console controls with a universal hub, and manages to include a full, albeit tiny and cheap, keyboard as well.  The real question is, why has this not been done before?  Well, in testing out the Gamecore device, I think I discovered the answer.

On the Floor of E3


E3 is loud.  Everyone at every booth wants your attention, and the best way to do that is, apparently, to crank the amp to ’11’ and shatter my eardrums.  And honestly, I love it.  Everywhere you turn, something exciting is happening, or about to happen.  It’s like a rock festival for nerds.  Here are some of the highlights from day one.

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