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Alien Swarm PSA: How Not to Cure Infestation


It happens to everyone, even the best of us:  You and your marine buddies are out on another bughunt and everything is going well, when suddenly a facehugger parasite jumps out of nowhere and clamps onto someone’s face.  Now the victim is going to die painfully over the next several seconds, and it’s up to his comrades to answer one critical question to save his life: How do you cure infestation?

First Shot: Alien Swarm

I'm sure this is exactly what Nikola Tesla had in mind for his inventions.

Valve released a new game this week.  Surprised?  I certainly was.  But there’s more: It’s available for free, it’s not a first-person shooter, and, most surprisingly of all, it was released on time (rim shot).

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