Crispy Gamer

Watch out for that beverage cart.


 Well, since I just landed (9:00 PM PST) there is not a lot to tell. I check in to the hotel after a hellish flight from South Carolina.

Did you ever see that episode of Seinfeld where Elian ends up in coach and Jerry goes to first class? Well the person in that episode was that evil flight attendant on the flight and he was very rude. He hit this poor woman with the cart and she screamed "I'll report you!" to which he retorted "Whatever!" $7 pillows and $7 drinks and $15 to check your bag and the airlines are still going broke? Come on US Air.. 

Tomorrow is GamesBeat and that is where all my attention will be. Evan Narcisse will be moderating a panel there and a bunch of business types will be prognosticating about the future, so it's probably the best place for me to be.  Looking forward to seeing the gang when they are actually awake, but my stupid cellphone broke on the way so who knows...