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Indies Rule


The best place to be is in the IGF booth where all the great games are on display and playable. I didn't get to play everything that I wanted to but Ryan and I took some time to check out a few. I will continue to hang out there in my spare time until I have played every game I want to play.


A couple of observations: Cletus Clay is fun. It's best described as River City Ransom with rednecks and aliens. We played a few rounds, killed a bunch of aliens and shot our inbred, on-screen selves by  accident and on purpose. When I read about this game and checked out the trailers and screenshots, I didn't think too much of it, but after playing it, I like what little I saw. It's not going to win any awards tonight, but it's still some good old fashioned ass kicking fun.


The Kid Who Saved the World was an interesting Digipen student submission that I did not get a chance to play. Basically you have this stupid little dude that meanders along and it is your job to guide him to the right path by using parts of the environment like blocks and ramps. Some blocks do special things like make him go faster, climb upward, or slow down. It's a cool use of physics that is so simple even a caveman could play it.


But the best looking game in there is Xeno Clash. I hope this game gets more distribution deals, because it is so different from everything else i've seen this week. The game reminds me of Arx Fatalis - but with guns, and fists and knees to theskull. Bizarre landscapes, weird creatures, and plenty of action - this is the game that i am most excited about. I must play this game before I leave San Francisco. 


But there are more games that I haven't mentioned.. more on those at some point soon.