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L4D Talk Standing Room Only


Valve's talk on coop and artificial intelligence was standing room only and it was one of the first talks I've attended at this year that people were turned away from. I was in the nosebleed section of the room, crammed into an adjacent wall armed with only a tape recorder and disarmed by a nagging pain in the neck, ankles and feet.


The talk was a dissection of Left 4 Dead's AI - what's its origins were, how it was used to enhance gameplay  and how every element of the game behaved based on the player state. It was a fascinating discussion and I didn't understand why so many people walked out early – mostly during the Q&A portion of the discussion.  I recorded the entire session so I'll be poking through it later. Since the AI Director coupled with the game's excellent coop play is what made Left 4 Dead my pick for GOTY last year, I think I want to examine this topic a bit more.