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Like a Giant TV, This GDC Thing Is

I think of GDC as a giant television with a million different channels.
And I think of being a journalist at the GDC is sort of like being a stoner with the TV remote. It’s a weird stream of consciousness interupped by the occasional moment of clarity.
What’s stuck out in the last few days?
The Media Molecule guys designed some really vicious death animations for Sackboy—catching on fire, having his stuffing eviscerated and chomped in half by creatures—but decided to go with a kinder, gentler form of death for the game.
People have used the apparently simple tools in LittleBigPlanet to create staggering, complex mechanical computers in the game. And they put it on Youtube. Seriously. This is the craziest thing I have seen in a long time.
Noted interactive fiction game designer Steve Meretzky managed what must be a GDC first. His screen shot for a game design he titled, “Call of Booty” presented a gigantic first person phallus pointing down a corridor at some bimbo. Disturbing, yes. But in his defense, he was a part of the game design challenge, a competition based on the theme, “My first time.”
Maxis game designer Chris Hecker not only brought up Kant’s aesthetics in a speech about user generated content, he showed a picture of the book.  Three cheers for game designers who read books!
And you can always count on running into interesting folks who do interesting things,including Malcolm Ryan , an Aussie game academic who reviews books about games—