Crispy Gamer

My Eyes Are Up Here, Mister!



There's this weird behavior that emerges whenever you're at a conference like GDC. It's the badge glance -- a furtive dash of the eyes South to figure out who you're talking to and what they do for a living. If lanyards were another four-to-six inches longer we'd all be staring crotchward every time we met another peer. As it is the moments are awkward enough. You feel those eyes sliding down your torso. Then there's that barely perceptable pause in the conversation -- when they digest your title and (in the case of the games journalists) media outlet. At this point there's a split second of doubt. Do they think I'm a loser? Have they even heard of the places I work for? That's when it happens. They clear their throat and speak up, "I'm sorry sir, this free coffee isn't for the press."