Crispy Gamer

Left Brain, Right Brain


There couldn't be a bigger contrast between The Cellar, the neon lit dive bar where indie-centric 10-bit party went down Tuesday night, and the perpetual scene in the W's lobby. The swank San Francisco hotel is spitting distance from Moscone, where the GDC takes place. I joked earlier that bizdev types regain hit points when they within the joint's walls. I think it goes further than that. They gain strength, earning buffs with every business card they collect and drink they comp. Meanwhile, at the indie party the scene was a uneasy, but refreshing, mix of dance floor exuberance (totally earned) and abject nerdery. So it was totally my kind of party. 

No diss to the denizens of the W. I couldn't pick out clothes like that if you put a gun to my head. As I overheard someone at the W bar proclaim, "this is where the real GDC happens." They were right, in part. The W is like one hemisphere of the GDC's brain. It's the left, money-making brain. All those indie game makers crammed into their subterranian night club represented the right, creative side. Both are complimentary, though sometimes at odds. And in many cases the crossovers are ill-expected. I spotted more than a few magnificent beards at the W tonight (and I wasn't looking in the mirror). And even someone such as myself, a bonafide bigfoot Jesus, can't help but network when in a temple such as the W. I too swapped business cards, talked shop, enjoyed a gifted drink or two. And by the grace of the networking gods I found a story or two. When in Rome, right?