Crispy Gamer

More Legends of WrestleMania Bitching


I haven't figured out a score for this game yet, but it sure does a good job of being fun and pissing me off at the same time. Everything comes off as dumbed down; ringside fights are now choreographed dances initiated by a button press, as is the ability to move to an area at ringside. It's all about timed button presses, situational button presses and position. It makes things easy as THQ promised, but it also takes control away from players used to directing the violence without having their hands’ held.

But the most frustrating part of the game is that, while the controls have been redefined to be simple for newbies, they are also sloppier than a wet shit sandwich. Instead of defining keys to specific actions, many functions in the game share the same key presses. For example, picking up an object uses BB, but so does running. This means that sometimes you'll want to pick something up but instead you'll be running across the screen like a big steroid-using dufus. Grumble.

I'll have more on this in the full review.