Crispy Gamer

Turn Classic Movies Into Gaming Gold!

Inspired by Gus’ pained review of the Godfather II, I realized that if you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em.
So, hey, big name videogame companies! Here’s my picks for some classic films that desperately need games. I’ve even helped you out with my elevator pitches for each game:
Casablanca: Duck and cover,  Call of Duty, when Rick Blaine hits the streets of this dusty Moroccan burg, nothing, and no one, will stand in his way as he blasts Nazi’s and saves the girl. Produced in evocative black and white, this game redefines  the emotional and artistic possibility of the first person shooter.
The Wizard of Oz: Pull over Mario Karts, there’s a new king of the road. The trip to Oz has never been faster or zanier in this over-the-top reimagining of Dorothy’s trip home. Select your favorite character from the film and hop in your ride and roll! Jet down the Yellow Brick road in the Tin Man’s Rocket Car, the Scarecrow’s Hay Buggy, the Lion’s Jungle Cruiser or Dorthy’s souped up ’57 Chevy.  And the fun doesn’t stop there. Unlockable character include Dorothy’s lovable little brother, Jimmy!
Memento: Think Braid meets, well, Memento. A story told in reverse, the game is a puzzle-oriented mediation on the nature of loss and identity.  The hook? You start out with a maxed-level assassin character and have to figure out how to make him loose all his XP!
Napoleon Dynamite:  In this gentle, story-rich role-playing game, you take on the character of a small town idiot as he quests for love and acceptance. Set in the rich and evocative world of Idaho, you battle jocks and home town ninjas with the innovative “dance off jerk!" music-matching, turn-based combat system.  Collect all the llama tokens for special powerups like moonboots!
Citizen Kane: The granddaddy of art hour cinema now becomes a giant of hidden object games! Learn the secret of Charles Foster Kane through a series of hidden object puzzles.  Find lost loves! Discover disguised mining deeds! Finally, locate the elusive Rosebud! It’s there, just keep your eyes peeled.
I'm sure I missed something. But these ought to get them thinking.