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The Force Unleashed Dinner: The Star (Bucks) Edition


Evan, Vic and I learned a lot during our dinner with Haden Blackman last month, not the least of which is that there's actually a Starbucks *inside* the Lucas Arts building where they work. Not having to even leave your office to get your Venti double latte sounds like a serious luxury, especially to the staff here at CG, where we have to take a rickety elevator down to the street to buy our watery coffee from the chicken place across from the office.

Haden Blackman: We have a Starbucks in our building...

Jones: You mean actually in your building where you work?

Haden Blackman: Yes, in the building where we work. [Laughs] Of all the cool things that happened to the team when the game shipped, the coolest thing for me was that some of the guys who worked [at the Starbucks] played the game. And on the chalkboard where they list their specials, they had written "Congratulations to The Force Unleashed team." And we came walking in one day, and we saw that up there, and it just made us all so happy, to be appreciated by these guys. They were so impressed with the game that they were asking dev team guys to sign autographs for them, the whole thing. That actually was one of the most gratifying things about the whole experience.