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Konami drops the ball: Six Days in Fallujah


Video games will not be art until the people that develop and publish them stop caving in to public pressure. If you need an example of this, then look no further than the news this morning that Konami has dumped Six Days in Fallujah. Sure the game is controversial, but that is irrelevant to me. What is important is that a publisher gave in to public pressure in a way the movie industry never would.

Do you think if Columbia Pictures was making a film called "Six Days in Fallujah" that it would just cave in to public pressure? Hell no. It would know that, as a business, controversy can be buzz and could have the potential to translate to big numbers at the box office. 

 But Konami is more concerned about offending the public. Good for you for having a conscience, but shame on you for not caring about a product based on what other people think. Obviously someone at Konami thought this game was a good idea and looked like it would be fun, engaging in some way If Konami decided to dump the game because it thought the concept wasn't viable, that it didn't fit in with its existing portfolio or a hundreds of other reasons, I wouldn't care.

As a gamer I will not applaudf Konami's failure to defend and support a developer. People that belive in free speech and art and the right to create all kinds of games should be rewnding their clothing and poulling out clumps of their hair over this.

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