Crispy Gamer

Jones Says: The iPhone is not evil (even if most iPhone owners are).


I took the dreaded Cathay Pacific red eye from Vancouver to JFK last night. I had my prescriptions handy, and was ready to KTFO myself for the flight, when I decided to load up Fieldrunners on my iPhone. Yes, I have an iPhone now. I know! I swore I'd never give into the iPhone bullshit. I'm tired of trying to have conversations with people who are more interested in seeing what their phones are doing instead of what I have to say. Now that I own one, I've realized that it's not the iPhone's fault; it's the proselytizing, easily distracted iPhone owners who give the thing a bad name.

My other problem has to do with how fashionable it has become to tell everyone within earshot how awesome iPhone games are.

I was a skeptic until around 4 a.m. this morning. As everyone on the plane dozed, as my plane sailed high above Pennsylvania in the pre-dawn dark, I was playing Fieldrunners. I should have been asleep. I was due at the CG offices in the morning, and I needed rest. But. I. Could. Not. Stop. Playing. This. Game.

And that's all it takes. One game. One experience of this caliber. And I'm sold. I had my DSi, my PSP handy the entire flight. But for four straight blissful, bleary-eyed hours, all I wanted was more Fieldrunners.

iPhone: I think I love you. I want to put a baby in you at a Poconos resort. And I promise to never tell anyone else that they have to have you or that you will forever change any lives.