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Memorable E3 Press Conference Moments: Honorable Mentions


There have been so many memorable E3 press conference moments, we just couldn't fit

them all into our top ten list. Here's five more "honorable mentions"

that will live in infamy.

Boogie's All Singing, All Dancing Premiere (EA, 2007)

EA Montreal General Manager Alan Tascan's dancing as a pink. underwear-clad blob

was bad enough, but it was his Falsetto rendition of "Don't You Wish Your

Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me" (starts around 1:44 in the video) that will forever be

burned into the back of our brains.

Microsoft's Sports-Star-Studded Show

As if pro sports stars Landon Donovan, Emeka Okafor, Larry Fitzgerald, Marcus Nasland,

Carmello Anthony and Marshall Faulk weren't enough to represent the EA Sports line

up at Microsoft's press conference, the final presentation of "the greatest of

all time," heavweight champ Muhammad Ali, brought the crowd to its feet in a

standing ovation.

Jeff Bell "Raps" with Reggie Bush (Microsoft, 2007)

We're pretty sure Xbox Marketing Manager Jeff Bell should be banned from trash

talking after this cringe-worthy back and forth with New Orleans Saints Running Back

Reggie Bush. (Clip starts at 3:30)

Snowboarding Shame (Nintendo, 2008)

We're pretty sure pro snowboarder Shaun White and Nintendo Marketing Manager Cammie

Dunaway should be banned from snowboarding, real or fake, after these ringe-worthy

Balance Board performances at Nintendo's E3 conference.

"Pulling a Peter Moore" (Microsoft, 2007)

After Marketing VP Peter Moore accidentally paused his game or Rock Band TWICE

during the game's unveiling at the Microsoft press conference, the move forever

became known as "Pulling a Peter Moore" among the nerdiest of game