Crispy Gamer

And so it begins ...


I arrived at E3 early this morning not sure what to expect with E3's flamboyant return to the LA Convention Center. Yes, it was here last year, but in a more subdued fashion. This year, before the show even begins, it appears the excess is back.

As I walked up to West Hall, I was greeted by game banners the size of city blocks obscuring the windows of the convention center. UbiSoft's <i>Assassin's Creed 2</i> was the biggest culprit, appearing large enough to engulf Rhode Island. (The photo above is actually cut off on the left side. The arms extend full width. Thanks, Flickr). Perhaps the biggest change is the show begins Tuesday and goes through Thursday. In the past, Monday and Tuesday were usually for pre-E3 press conferences. This year, Electronics Arts, Microsoft, Ubisoft and others have held them on Monday. I wandered around the convention center sneaking peeks inside the different halls before getting rushed off by overly attentive security. Apparently my press badge (sponsored this year by Atlus's <i>Trauma Team</i>) doesn't allow me to get too close until tomorrow.

Finally, I should have learned from previous years, but I commited the cardinal sin of being thirsty while at the show. The LA Convention Center continues to be home to the most overpriced mediocre food. This year? $3 for a bottle of vending machine soda. I understand why the ATM is only a few paces from the vending area.

More later.