Crispy Gamer

It's Been About Six Minutes Since Anyone Mentioned This...


Blame my sunburn, but today I found myself pondering the question that all old, salty reviewers inevitably ponder from time to time:

Do reviews matter?

Does anyone read them? Do consumers bother to read them for advice anymore? Do gamers bother to read them because they confirm/challenge their own ideas about a specific game?

I just finished logging around 40 hours playing Fight Night Round 4. Then I spent another two, three hours tapping out the review.

All so I could write a review that very few people will probably ever read.

Elise can confirm/deny this, but my impression is that reviews don't draw a lot of eyeballs on the site. I think we mostly think of them at CG as a necessary evil. We need them; we can't really call ourselves a videogame website without them.

I enjoy writing them. (Mostly.) My approach is to try to create a piece of writing that's interesting, and that could stand on its own merits outside the context of the site. But you know how that goes. Sometimes you eat the bar; and sometimes the bar eats you.

But what about the reviews on CG? Are they useful at all? What's the last review you read? Why did you read it?

Are our reviews too long? Too verbose? Too overwrought? Should they be more entertaining? Less entertaining? Should they be more straight forward? I know we live in a world that's defined by Tweets and status updates and bulletpoints. And that makes our longer format a bit antiquated.

I guess my question is, in a larger, more existential sense: What did you come here looking for? And did you find it?