Crispy Gamer

The Jones Report: Next Gen = Still Not Entirely Necessary


I'm in NYC this week (and next) logging time in the CG offices with Vogel, Kuo, Teti, Narcisse, etc. Instead of hauling my 360 cross country yet again, I decided instead to sate my gaming needs by using what remains in my dusty New York apartment: Namely, ye olde PS2. (I've just had a brass plaque installed in my apt. that says "GUS SLEPT HERE. AND NARCISSE DID TOO. NOT ON THE SAME NIGHTS, THANKFULLY." It's classy.)

So far I've been working my way through my stack of get-around-to-it games that I never quite got around to on the PS2. I've been playing Burnout Dominator (which is really great), Maximo: Army of Zin, MGS 3: Subsistence (I know!), SSX On Tour, and Downhill Domination, among others. 

And I'm not the least bit unhappy about not bringing the 360. Not even remotely.

With rumors already burbling, bubbling, and farting to the surface about Xbox 720s and PS4s and Wii 2s, and with the PS2 still having so much to offer, I can't help but wonder--once again--why we spend so much time and energy looking ahead. It's always tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. I hate the fact that a new game comes out on Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning, it's already labeled as "old." Take a game out of its shrink wrap, and GameStop automatically will only refund you half of the game's value, if you're lucky.

So I'm starting a new club today. It's called the Yesterday Gamer's Club Today. Or The YGC Today.

Anyone who wants in has to send me a money order for $7.99, a copy of your birth certificate and/or passport, and then endure a very brief hazing period that involves having to play Fortress of Narzod for several hours.