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PS3 Slim: Michael Pachter hasn't stated the obvious yet, so I will.


SONY FANBOYS REJOICE!!!!! Your beloved company finally did something of some significance this week! Unless you've been too busy being mad at Brett Favre, then you probably already know that the big, heaving, wheezing PS3 is getting a makeover.

The new PS3--called the PS3 Slim--is around 30-percent lighter and 30-percent smaller than the current hot, gasping, honking, farting model which was only slightly more diminutive than Bill Maher's ego.

But is it a case of too little (pun intended) too late? How much do gamers really care about the aesthetics of their machines? The 360--the platform of choice for most core gamers--is an absolutely hideous box that still has an unacceptably high failure rate. Yet should their 360s go down, most gamers would practically be on a trot to their local game stores for replacements. (I know I would be.)

I remember coveting a PS2 Slim. I marveled at its wee-ness. It weighed less (yet yielded far more pleasure) than my copy of Watchmen. I wanted to take it to bed with me at night, and kiss it and hold it tight. I still can't believe how small that damn thing is. Stuffing all the workings of the old PS2 into this tiny package truly felt like a remarkable technological innovation.

While the PS3 Slim looks more edgey and sci-fi-y, it's not a makeover that's even remotely on par with the transition from the PS2 to PS2 Slim.

Not even close.

At this late stage in the console cycle, I'm not even sure what Sony could do to make the PS3 more relevant, except maybe make it cost -$16, and cover it with delicious hamburgers and ship each unit with a complimentary Cheryl Tiegs.