Crispy Gamer

PAX 2009: Crispy Gamer Drops Its Bags, Pronounces Seattle "OUR KIND OF TOWN!"


At this very moment, many thousands of nerds, some of them wearing deodorant even, are making their way to the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington. I've never been to Seattle before. It seems nice. And I've never been to a Penny Arcade Expo before, so I will be taking the Jane Goodall approach, studying these creatures, trying to communicate with them via bananas and candy, and live among them, if only very briefly.

I have Gus Mastrapa as my guide, who I've already taken to calling "Livingstone." Livingstone has visited this remote region, and interacted with the locals, before, so I'm going to defer to him more often than not.

Though PAX is still a relatively new stop on the con circuit (CircuitCon?)--this is their sixth year--it has grown quickly. I'm astounded by the names and faces I've already bumped into in the lobby of the W Hotel--friends old and new, enemies old and new, legends, myths, figments of my imagination, etc. Everyone is here. (Including Livingstone.) (And me.)

I have plans to meet with Tim Schafer, and one of the BioWare drs., and I have a dinner scheduled with Ryan Payton for tomorrow. Then I'll on a panel on Sunday. But mostly, I'm happy to be, once again, among my people. Because, the truth is, I love bananas and candy just as much as the rest of these people. And no one speaks the language of nerd better than Livingstone and me.

 Stay tuned for our funny, pithy, savvy, raunchy, sexy, delightful reports from the show floor as they happen.