Crispy Gamer

PAX Day 2 Pic: Photos of those Gigantic, Fart-absorbing Cushions


Here's a snapshot I took of the loungers/deadbeats at PAX 2009.

There are two entire floors of these pasha-quality cushions, and there's basically a line of people waiting to occupy them. One person gets up, before the cushion has even cooled, a new body is already tucked into it. It's cute, and more than a little unsanitary.

I was walking by this area with Tim Schafer, and we started discussing how those cushions must be absorbing so many farts. "There they are, all the nerds, blowing their nerd exhaust into those pillows," he said. Tim, in case you don't know, is a funny guy. And he smells good. He smells like success and beets.