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PAX Day 3: My Sex Talk with BioWare's Dr. Greg (Part 2)



Jones: Who's the one person in the industry you'd like to
work with?

Dr. Greg: Hmm. You know, there are so many people who I
love. And this sounds kind of obvious, but I'd love to see how Will Wright
works. His stuff is so different from what you see in most games. I'd love to
see how he takes his ideas and turns them into games.

Jones: He's more cerebral while you and Ray seem to make
games that are more emotional.

Dr. Greg: Yes, exactly. There are things I could learn from
him, definitely.

Jones: What's the one game you wish you'd made?

Dr. Greg: I'd say World of Warcraft, but everyone would say
that. Of the current crop of games? I think Left 4 Dead is so terrific. It's so
smart. And if I can say a title from the old school, I'd say Wizardry. It was a
landmark title. That game stays with me.

Jones: If you had to pick one of these two people to be on
the dev team for your next game, who would you pick and why: Dr. Phil or Oprah?

Dr. Greg: Oprah. Dr. Phil would just be busy trying to give
everybody advice. But Oprah gets stuff done. She makes it happen. She'd whip
the team into shape. Look at her empire. She's got vision, and she executes
that vision.

Jones: Which is kind of what a game developer does.

Dr. Greg: Yes. I think Oprah would make a terrific game

[Jones pulls out his Straight-Face Detector and scans Dr.
Greg. Straight-Face Detector detects one straight face. Jones puts away
Straight-Face Detector and continues on.]

Jones: Don't think, just answer: Mario or Sonic?

Dr. Greg: Mario.

Jones: Why?

Dr. Greg: [strokes goatee] He's got an amazing mustache.
Plus he works. He's got a job. He's got a good work ethic. Like Oprah.

Jones: True. And what does Sonic do? He just runs around
grabbing floating rings. That's it.

Dr. Greg: That's it.

Jones: I was on a panel last week in Toronto when someone
asked if sex will ever be a more organic part of videogames. No one in this
industry is probably more qualified to answer that question than you.

Dr. Greg: Sex will become a more organic part of games. It
will take some time, but we'll get there. Too many people still think that if
there's sex in a videogame, we're pushing sex on kids. But if those people came
here [to PAX] and saw all the adults, saw all the people who can drink and
vote, they'd see that this medium is for adults now, too.

I think it's going to take someone in power who grew up with
games, who really understands games, before things get more relaxed around the

I was talking to a British journalist recently, and he
brought up the fact that at the turn of the century, billiards was the scourge
of mankind. Billiards! There was actually a huge anti-billiards campaign at the
time that was eeriely similar to the anti-videogame campaign we have today.

I think videogames will become less taboo once we have
something that's more extreme, you know, like Virtual Reality cables that plug
into the backs of our heads, like in The Matrix. Then people will go,
"Holy crap this VR stuff is awful? But videogames? They're totally

Jones: Is it OK to be aroused by a videogame?

Dr. Greg: [Laughs] I don't know about that. But you know,
there are those games out there. In Japan you can find all kinds of strange
games. And there's an underground of bizarro sex-world games here in the West.

Jones: There are? I don't know about these games.

Dr. Greg: [Pulls a face.] Um. Well. I believe there are. I saw some guy on a
website talking about them once.


Impressive article, thanks you so much for sharing.

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