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ESPN's Top 10 Sports Documentaries Includes...King of Kong?


The guy who used to live in my apartment subscribed to ESPN: The Magazine. He's gone, but his subscription marches on without him.


It's not a bad magazine, especially when you're sitting on the toilet. Like movies on airplanes, all magazines get about 30-percent more interesting if you're sitting on a toilet at the time.

On a recent morning, during one of my porcelain epiphanies, I came across a story listing the top 10 best sports documentaries of all time.

When We Were Kings? Oh, man, absolutely. Hoop Dreams? Great fucking film.

But I was surprised to see Hands on a Hardbody on the lists, and even more surprised to find The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters there.

I mean, I guess there's training involved. And a main event of sorts. And I loved the movie dearly. But is there really such a dearth of good sports documentaries out there that ESPN needed to reach for a videogame docu?

I've got one that you missed, ESPN: Go Tigers! is an IFC-produced movie about the Massillon Tigers high school football team. It's worthy of a spot in the top 10.

Beyond that, it got me to thinking: What are the great, must-see gaming-related movies? Is it possible to come up with 10? Five?

Once Upon Atari is also great. But are there more?

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