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It Came From the Game Room: 10 Things Evan Narcisse Said While Playing Tekken 6


1."Now who the hell is this guy?"

2. "Battle legs? I have to put my 'battle legs' on? These ARE my fucking legs!"

3. "Where should I go? Queens Harbor or Container Terminal 3?"

4. "Ooof, that Hillary Clinton clone snuck up on me."

5. "Hello infamous panty-flash juggle."

6. "He's a big one; I'm going to get a lot of chicken from him! And money!"

7. "Shit, I should have opened those crates. Shit, man!"

8. "Man, why not just MAP IT TO THE RIGHT STICK?"

9. "I need to get my eggs over here."

10. "It's funny. No, wait; it's stupid."