Crispy Gamer

Jones Destroys Valuable Collectable; Hangs Head in Shame


Picked up my mail the other day and discovered that I had received the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition.

It's basically a cardboard box that's designed to resemble and old, dusty, leather-bound tome. Inside was a copy of the game, plus that weird dagger thing that Nathan Drake carries around over the course of the game. Also: There were a couple of pages of art work from the game.

I've received hundreds of junky things like this over the years. I figured it was yet another overproduced PR stunt designed to make me curious about a particular game.

Teti has gotten in the habit of re-purposing this stuff via Swag Tester, which is a terrific idea. If I was in New York this week, it might have occurred to me to donate the fake book to Swag Tester. But I am on the West Coast, and I had to carry the giant book home from the office, so by the time I got here, I was pretty sour about the whole thing. I took out my dagger, put it on the shelf next to my Ezio figurine. I thought there might be something else in the box-book, so I tore apart the cardboard, only to discover that the rest of the box-book was hollow.

I put it next to the front door, in the name of taking it down to the recycling room.

This morning I found out from a colleague that only 200 of these things were ever made. And of those 200, only five ever made it to Canada. And that the special edition of the game, which wasn't made available to consumers, is going for up to $4000 on eBay today.

I got out the masking tape and set to work trying to resuscitate the destroyed box, thinking I could post the whole thing on eBay, then donate whatever cash I got for it to charity in Crispy's name.

But no. The box was too far gone.

Man. I really did a number on this thing. See for yourself.


What a self-destructive, old fool I am!