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Kyle Talks 2009's Best Cinematography, Animation


It's December, which means Crispy's own Game of the Decade bracket isn't the only arbitrary game ranking system being discussed. Far from it, in fact -- since gaming doesn't really have an equivalent to the Oscars*, everyone and their brother seems intent on creating their own lists of the best games of the past [arbitrary time period] around this time each year.

This includes the folks at Machinima's Inside Gaming series, who've been asking prominent game journalists to help discuss the various nominations for their many awards categories. I talked with the show's Spartan host last week about the year's best games in terms of Cinemtography and Animation. Take a gander at our conversation here, or just use the handy embedded video below.


* - No, the ridiculously over-the-top, world-premiere-trailer-filled Spike TV Video Game Awards don't count. Neither do the AIAS awards, which no one has heard of.


oh so there is also an award for best games just like oscars its the first time i've heard about it.

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