Crispy Gamer

CES 2010: The 2 1/2 Minute "Gaming Showcase"


The organizers behind the Consumer Electronics Show swear that this year's convention features "the largest gaming showcase in CES history." Frankly, that seems to me to be a colossal lie. The small, green-bordered, loosely game-focused ghetto in the middle of the Las Vegas Convention Center's North Hall seems even smaller than last years tiny "Showcase." You can easily traverse the four measly aisles in five minutes or so without breaking a sweat. E3 it ain't...

But don't take my word for it -- check out the below video walking tour of the area, selectively sped up to save you time and to highlight the oddest/most interesting bits. For those playing along at home, see if you can spot:

  • The two (count 'em) unreleased video games being demoed.
  • The two (count 'em) lonely, lonely booth babes
  • All 5 gazillion guitar controllers being demoed
  • A full grown man who's way too excited to be rotating a large rod in his hands.
  • A full grown man who's way too excited to essentially be playing a theremin.
  • A full grown man sitting in an egg.
  • The world's cheapest looking 3D TV technology
  • A ten foot tall drawing of a machine gun controller.

Fun for the whole family!