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Hi guys, CaptainHomeless here. I'm the resident front-end developer at Crispy, and I'm bringing you another update about some cool new features we've added to the site. Crispy's dev team, CG-Gabe, stanblak and myself, are always working to improve the site, and we've recently rolled out a couple of things that we thought were worth highlighting. Check 'em out:

First and foremost, we've completely redesigned the Chatterbox from the ground up. It's now fully AJAX-driven, which is awesome because it means you can refresh it (and it can refresh itself) without reloading the page. Not only that, but we've made it so it displays user activity (comments, status changes, and game ratings ... with more types on the way!) in a single, sortable list. Logged-in users can also update their status right from the Chatterbox, without having to pull up the Crispy heads-up display (HUD). We encourage you guys to check it out, play around with it, and join the conversation! Our plan is to continue to make improvements to Crispy's community tools throughout 2010 and beyond.

Another great feature that's now available is being able to embed Crispy Game Videos and CrispyTV Videos. Yes, that's right, now you can post How to Be a Joystick Master or the Latest Bioshock 2 Video right on your blog or website, simply by clicking the "embed video" link, and copying/pasting the javascript code that it gives you. Isn't living in the future totally awesome?!

The last little tweak we want to highlight is a simple one: the user ratings widget found around the site now tells you how many total ratings a game has ... which makes the percentages way more useful and interesting. Sure, it's a tiny addition, but sometimes tiny things can be ... big. You know, metaphorically speaking?

That's it for this update, but keep your eyes peeled for more improvements. In the meantime, I'll see you in the Chatterbox!