Crispy Gamer

Please Insert Disc 2


When FinalFantasy XIII releases in North Americain March, the Xbox360 version will come with three discs, while the PS3 versionis all on one Blu-Ray disc. Playstation fanboys have been all over the internetsaying how much bigger and better their system is, like anyone cares.Regardless, I’ll be buying this game for PS3 when it comes out; I’m a hugeFinal Fantasy fan.


I have to say though, I actually enjoyed getting up andswitching the disc during the PS1 era; it was as though I finished the act of aplay and now I am enjoying a brief intermission. Final Fantasy VIIwas the perfect example of this feeling. At the end of Disc 1, you’re finallygetting close to catching up with Sephiroth only to see the main love interest,Aeris, just get stabbed in the back and collapse. Suddenly, the tone of thegame has changed; a major plot twist stops you dead in your tracks.

The game then asks you to save your game, and put in thenext disc. Right there I know I’m done with at least 33% of the game and that Ireached a significant point in the game’s story. 

Having different discs also made it a lot easier to hide theAeris’ death spoiler in FFVII. I remember talking with my friends at schoolabout the game, and just by asking what disc they were on, I knew what parts ofthe game I could talk about and not give away the story. Being on a furtherdisc was even a point of competition. “Yeah, Steve over there, he’s already onDisc 3, wow." 

I’m not, by any means, complaining that FinalFantasy XIII will be on one Blu-Ray disc but, I just find itinteresting that some people look down on a game for having more than one disc;as though that infers that the game/console is inferior.

On a side note: I’m still peeved that FFVII was 3 discs, FFVIIIwas 4 discs and that FFIX also has 4 discs. Didn’t Squaresoft see a patternforming? FFIX should have been 5 discs! Bah.