Crispy Gamer

Initial Impressions: Metro 2033


 You know that slow, deliberate pace you might take in a lone hall, peripheral vision prattling with the whisper of movement; when you listen hard, when you can hear anxious sweat beading on your forehead. Metro 2033 captures these moments in all their tension. Atmospheric craft is exquisite in this game and really shows how much work 4A Games put into Metro 2033. 

I thought this might just be another run of the mill shooter with assault rifle fire resulting in a corpse-carpeting job, but so far, I’ve been proven wrong. So many little details culminate in an enthralling experience. Being able to blow out candles to increase stealth, using a lighter to look at your notepad, being smothered by the sound of your breathing in your gas mask, pumping the pressure on your pneumatic sniper rifle, so many little elements wrap you and drag you into the tunnels. I just made it to the communist camp and I’m going back now to check out just how post-apocalyptic commies live in the tunnels. Look for the review in a few days.