Crispy Gamer

Initial Impressions: Red Steel 2


First off, I have to say, despite all of its faults, I was a big fan of the original Red Steel that released way back in 2006. I thought the shooting controls were exciting with the Wiimote and I was able to tolerate the sword controls once I got the hang of it. Sure, the Wiimote didn't always read what I was doing very well but, I still enjoyed the experience. Swords, guns, killing; it was simple and I liked it.

That being said, Red Steel 2 is what the game should have been when the series first debuted. I'm glad to be able to shoot and use my sword seamlessly, which you could not do in the original game. It's kinda sad that it took Nintendo this long to come out with something a bit more precise like the Wii Motion Plus because the faults of the first Red Steel likely scared off many developers who could have done great things with this technology.

I'm only about two hours into the game and I'm already starting to get a good handle on all of the sword combos. The beginning of the game seems to focus on the swordplay and I hope they will allow me to have more guns as the game progresses. My main worry right now is that I will hit a plateau on understanding the control scheme and the sword fighting will feel as discombobulated as the first game. Switching between guns and swords mid-battle is a chore because as soon as you swing the Wiimote, the pointer goes off screen, making it hard to aim quickly if I were to switch to a gun. Maybe I'll get used to this as I play but, in an intense firefight, that split second of extra time to switch weapons may mean my death, I feel. 

The graphics are very pretty however; they have that Borderlands half-anime style. The voice acting is god-awful but, everything is so over the top that I could hardly care. I recently finished the battle with one of Jackal leaders as he was driving a truck and I was impressed with the level of detail put into this fast-action scene when I had to input various quick time events.

Alright, back to playing. The full review will be up later this week.