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Let me tell you a secret: I love making avatars. I routinelymess with the outfit of my my rock band avatar, and Spend half an hour per Sim when starting a new family (okay, so I only spent that much time on my Sim, and less on others).

As a lover of creating virtual people, I have to wonder:what game offers the best virtual people creation. And what makes virtualpeople creation the best. Is it the best outfits? The best personality? Or is it the ability to look at “Crystal” and feel like it’s just the tiniest bitpossible you somehow got sucked into the computer or TV screen?

Now, three epic battles and one over all victor.

Mass Effect vs. The Sims 3 


While Mass Effectmay not be the game you think of for avatar making, it has a pretty extensive set of character customizations. I could completely alter my character’s face, and even chose some back story for them, but there was nothing I could do aboutbody type or outfit. The bigger problem was that no matter how hard I tried, mycharacter still looked a little bit ugly.

The Sims 3basically has everything when it comes to avatar creating. Not only can you alter the face, body, and hair of you creation, you can give him or her up to five personality traits (including vegetarian, green thumb, and good kisser) from about 70. After that you get to pick a Life Time wish for your Sims based on your trait choices. Pretty comprehensive. My only complaints are that the clothing isn’t all that interesting, and the hairstyles are pretty weak.

And the winner is...

The Sims takes this contest hand down. While both games let you live out character’s lives, The Sims gives you a lot more freedom with it. Plus you get to pick outfits and from more than 5 hairstyles.

Play Station Network vs. X-box Live


You can’t really do much with your PS3 avatar. There are a few items of clothing that are free, but most cost real money. Your avatar is also pretty hard to not make ugly.

Virtual representations on the Xbox 360 are more cartoonish than realistic. Sure, some items of clothing and props cost money, but there’s a decent selection of free clothing, hairstyles and colors, and make up.

And the winner is... 

X-box for the win! But since X-box live is $60/year and PlayStation is free, it might not be worth it. Might. 


Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero 


Rock Band has a few dozen hairstyles of varying craziness (anime buns, Mohawk) and any color of the rainbow you desire. Rock Band 2 whoops the original game’s clothing selection, especially with the edition of capes.  

Guitar Hero once had a few characters you could chose fromand no avatars. It was better this way. The new system makes for ugly avatars, even ugly by Guitar Hero standards, and there are only about 20 different topsand bottoms and all of them seem to make ½ an outfit.

In both games you can customize your instrument, butRock Band has a better selection.

And the winner is...

Oh Rock Band, you had me at cape.

And the final champion...

 Rock Band. It’s the only game where I feel my avatar looks just the way I want. And there are capes. I did mention the capes right?