Crispy Gamer

First Shot: Dead To Rights: Retribution


"Oh wow, blood." Yes, that was my first reaction to Dead to Rigths Retribution. Seriously, it's like the Red Cross ran out of water for their Supersoakers in the middle of their yearly Supersoaker staff barbecue. There's blood when we meet Jack Slate, our protagonist, there's blood when we meet Shadow, star puppy of the game, there's blood when I sneeze too hard... okay that's not true, but my point is made. Yes Namco, I get it, this is a hardcore game with an attitude and apparently a lot of hemophiliacs. I expectations weren't too high for the game as of that moment, but, I see potential.

I can't help but feel a slight thrill of nostalgia every so often. I used to love playing a Genesis game called Streets of Rage, if you have a working Genesis, you should definitely try it. Well, DtR feels like I'm playing that old beat 'em up game every so often. Yes the AI is pretty dumb, graphics are mediocre, and cover mechanics are strained sometimes, but that charm shines through once in a while. And you know what, even though Shadow has some technical problems, he's still awesome. I might be a little biased here because I love dogs, but it's satisfying to see my puppy use someone's jugular as a chew toy. (Oh don't worry, he's just friendly, he wants to play!) There are a lot of rough patches in the game, but as I said, there's potential. Look for my full review soon.