Crispy Gamer

Fist of the Tube


Happy Birthday YouTube! Yes that’s right, YouTube turns 5 today, or maybe it was yesterday, or… Happy Birthday! Well, since this is a videogame website, I had to make this game related, so, I actually ended up finding an interactive YouTube Street Fighter game. Using linked videos, you get to fight Zangief, Dhalsim, or E. Honda as Guile. A, B, X, and Y buttons on the video allow you to execute moves when they’re flashing and if your attacks are mistimed, you take damage. My first thought: Boredom is truly innovation’s impetus. Upon playing the game though, I really had to admire the amount of work that went into this project.

Patrick Boivin is the mind behind this game. He’s a French-Canadian film maker who’s best known for his stop-motion animation shorts. He usually takes on all aspects of his films, including directing, lighting, editing, and even music for his films. Setting up this net of videos must’ve been meticulous. There has to be a video for each of Guile’s attacks and the different characters he’s attacking, every time he takes damage from a unique attack, as well having the timing synced to correspond with the different videos. All of this on top of the already grueling process of stop-motion animation. I truly have to tip my hat to Mr. Boivin. This also just goes to show how resourcefulness and taking a different angle on something as commonplace as YouTube can morph a medium. You can see some of Mr. Boivin’s other work on his YouTube page. Oh, and a tip of the hat to YouTube for providing me with hours of Gameplay por—I mean videos.