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First Shot: Alan Wake


Back when Alan Wake was officially announced at E3 in 2005, the Xbox 360, the system the game eventually would be released on, had not even been out. 2005 seems like a long time ago these days, so now that it was officially released this week, how does Alan Wake match up to our fervent expectations? After popping the game into my 360, I was introduced to our title character, his wife Alice, and the quiet northwestern coal mining town of Bright Falls.  The first episode finds Alan exploring this idyllic town and its mysterious inhabitants shortly after his wife goes missing.

So far, I've been enjoying nearly every minute of my time with Alan Wake. Sure, character animation might be a little dated given the amount of time the game's been in development and the game's combat system might need a little bit of work, but color me crazy for falling for a good ol pyschological thriller. Alan Wake can best be described as a David Lynch-meets-Stephen King psychological thriller posing as a television show. The game is divided into six episodes, each ending with a cliffhanger and beginning with a "Previously on Alan Wake" prescript. The game has mostly been more creepy than scary, but I don't mind. I'm always a sucker for a good thriller.

Be sure to check back at Crispy Gamer when I'll have a full review for Alan Wake coming soon.