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The New Crispy Gamer


We made a lot of changes here at Crispy Gamer over the past couple of months and I wanted to share with everyone what we’ve done.

At the end of 2009, Crispy Gamer acquired,, and the gamerDNA Alliance Network of publishers.  Shortly thereafter, the board of directors, wanting the company to focus on the Alliance Network by growing advertising revenues, laid off most of the editorial staff at and

I was an intern at at the time, uploading video and screenshot assets. The new management team offered me a job in February, working here as Associate Web Producer for I took it.

Since that moment, we have established a completely new staff of writers, all young writers trying to make their break in the industry. We know we are not the old crispy writers nor do we intend to be. We have our own voice and we will provide you with quality content. That said, if you want to voice your opinion to the contrary, please do so in the comments and do so tactfully.  We want to improve as writers and we'll respond to constructive criticism.

For starters, I suggest you check out the Enduring Oblivion article by our newest writer Kent Sutherland, and the Review of Nier by Christopher Bonet, if you want to see what we can offer you. Over time, you'll get to know our writers a bit more.

Policy Update:  The new Crispy Gamer will be accepting advertising campaigns from video game publishers, something that the old Crispy Gamer site did not do. Yes, the company may have a different focus now but we will never let advertisers decide the stories we publish and we will never let a game publisher tell us how to review a game. We all remember the Kane & Lynch controversy at Gamespot and we never want to be in that situation.

At heart, we're all gamers and love what we do. Hopefully, you'll be able to see that passion.  Thank you for reading.