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Buying the Hype: Bulletstorm


The FPS genre is over-saturated. With a new Call of Duty game every year now, and new iterations of Battlefield, Halo and Medal of Honor, I’m just tired of the genre.

At least, I was.

Bulletstorm was featured during the EA conference yesterday, with gameplay shown on the Xbox 360. This first thing that caught my eye was the egregious amount of gore: electrified bodies, bloody exploding heads and plenty of explosions. I’m not particularly captivated by crazy violence but I did enjoy how they made the gore a part of the gameplay.

Bulletstorm looks like the combination of your standard FPS with a beat-em-up.  Every time you shred a body to pieces or kick someone from a high platform the player seems to receive bonus points (possibly experience points?). The game even rewards you for cool-looking kills. This was one of things I enjoyed with Infamous; I was constantly rewarded for killing people in creative ways, like using sticky grenades or killing someone while I was still in the air.

Cliff Bleszinski, also known as CliffyB (sigh, isn’t that nickname sooo cool?), is one of the designers of Bulletstorm. You probably know him for his work with Unreal and Gears of War. As evident by the last two titles I mentioned, you can tell this is a person who likes bloody messes and knows how to put them into games. More importantly however, is to note that both Unreal and Gears of War were generally well received, containing deep systems that challenged the player to be proficient in the game’s mechanics (i.e. Gears of War’s cover system). Hopefully, Bulletstorm will be built in the same way, both looking pretty and playing deep.


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The name of the game almost sounds like they're making fun of the genre, which will probably be the only thing I appreciate about this game.

I almost bought an Xbox360 because I loved Gears of War so much. I especially love the Horde mode in the second game.

When I wrote this blog entry I looked at Cliff Bleszinski's wikipedia page and actually forgot that he had worked on Unreal, one of my favorite shooters. Also, it seems that he was involved in publishing a little game called Tyrian, my favorite SHUMP.

And deathmatch show game? I can't think of the one you are referring too since you said it was recent, but it reminded me of that top-down NES shooter, Smash TV. I love that game.

I actually didn't like Gears of War, but I love anything with the Unreal name on it.

Bulletstorm actually looks pretty interesting as it looks a bit more like Unreal than Gears. The fast paced, brutal combat is very characteristic of the series.

It actually reminds me a bit of a shooter that came out a few years ago. Your character got $$ for every kill and you spent it on better items. Not a new concept mind you, but the twist was that the game was some sort of deathmatch game show.

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