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The Day No Work Was Done


Friends and countrymen, today will go down in history as a day that the world did absolutely nothing productive. 

Today, countless citizens will have spent hours upon hours in tents and lawn chairs waiting for the iPhone 4G.  Head over to Engadget for pictures documenting the Happening, but reader be warned, the photos are not for the faint of heart!  Never before will you have seen so much time brutally killed. 

Now, you might saying "this has happened before, it is just an iPhone launch". 



The threat to our world's productivity is not merely the release of said phone , but the arrival of the Negator of Free Time onto the iPhone, iPod Touch, and  iPhone XL.  Of course, I am taking about ... FarmVille!

The release of the world's largest waste of time combined with the onslaught of new iPhone calls dropping from the sky will surely bring about the end of times.  

God Bless you all.


It's funny you should mention that there must be "something" that's redeeming if so many people like something. I would say the things that people like in "mass appeal" items are the same things I don't like.

Apple, for example: They make things that I think look kind of...delicate? feminine? In any case, their aesthetic doesn't appeal to me. As for the support, I call it a parent holding a child's hand, making sure they don't take dangerous risks, but also making sure they have no actual choices in their lives.

So yes, mass appeal items do contain qualities that boost their sales and popularity. But those same qualities usually repel me.

Well, I do find qualities to admire in eve the most mainstream of things.

I mean if so many people gravitate to something there must be some redeeming quality there.

Except for Ed Hardy.

For example, Apple makes beautiful pieces of tech that has terrific customer support behind it.

Blizzard makes extremely polished, yet safe, games that provide tremendous amounts of entertainment for each dollar spent.  They also support modders and indie game creators.  

I think I'm proud of the fact that the more the unwashed masses like something, the less I like it. Apple? Dislike everything about them. Facebook? Seems to appeal to the attention whores among us. Even Blizzard, the all-powerful PC developer is just a peddler of mediocre rehashings. The funny thing is, I don't dislike these things to be "contrary". It just tends to work out this way and I've only started noticing the pattern recently.

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