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Why the Zelda: Skyward Sword Reveal Was at Least a Tad Disappointing, in as Few Words as Possible, Ironically Unlike This Title


Zelda fans love all things Zelda.  We will eagerly scarf down Link’s table scraps and call it Thanksgiving dinner.  If the Hylian wunderkind strolled down my street right now, I’d let him ride on my back and call me Epona.  Or “bitch”.  However, that’s not because we Zelda fans are suckers.  It’s because Zelda games have for a very long time been quite brilliant without exception.  So as fans of such an awesome franchise, it’s no big surprise that we can also be quite harsh critics of the industry, and the often embarrassing slop that pours out of it on a regular basis.  We love Zelda, but only because we have faith that the next iteration will blow our collective mind-hole

Zelda: The Best Thing Since the Last Zelda

Zelda: The Best Thing Since the Last Zelda

So when we see graphics that appear worse than last generation’s game, we start to question our allegiance.  However, it’s when motion controls are touted as the title’s biggest feature that my BS-alarm starts to sound.  This isn’t part of some anti-motion campaign that I’m running; granted, bowling on the Wii was really the only time I have actually enjoyed its motion capabilities.  It’s just that Zelda represents a higher art form in the world of game design, and motion controls are still base and unrefined.  They often felt terrible to me in Twilight Princess, and I was hoping the big Zelda reveal would give me something more exciting to look forward to than “now the inventory screen feels like a real live pocket!”  I’m sure the inventory will be just dandy, but the last time I got excited about my pocket was when someone else’s hand was in it.  Now that would be groundbreaking gameplay.

Link's Latest Mini-Game: Pocket Pool

Link's Latest Mini-Game: Pocket Pool!

If someone saw something in that demo that seemed fresh and exciting, please correct me, perhaps I’m seeing the world through motion-hating lenses (the non-3D kind, please don’t get any funny ideas Nintendo).  But as a longtime Zelda fan, I’m left scratching my head, wondering if Miyamoto-san is really caught up in the motion-control hype train, or if the suits are forcing his hand.  I will buy this game, and probably love it for what it is; I do have that much faith in ‘Moto and his team.  But it just seems like something’s missing, like all that time could be spent designing groundbreaking gameplay. 

For the Love of Sweet Lady Zelda, TURN OFF THAT WIRELESS!!!

"I'm gonna find the @$$hole who designed this game and kick the living- oh, right."

Instead, it seems Nintendo is expending all their effort thinking of ways to get me to “thrust my sword skyward”, or simulate the subtle kinetic flow of me reaching into my pants to fish out that stubborn Magnum cond-…okay, it was actually a coupon for free tacos, I’m a glutton, you made your point.  Anyway, is this the direction we want our beloved Zelda to evolve?  Even Miyamoto couldn’t seem to wrap his head around the motion controls at the Nintendo Press Conference.  Oh wait; he couldn’t control Link because of “wireless interference”.  Who could have possibly predicted that an audience of game journalists might have wireless devices on them?!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is scheduled to come out sometime in 2011.  If you would like to share your thoughts on the Zelda reveal, please comment below, I’d love to hear them.


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Sadly its looking like no Gamecube Controller this time. Which means this is a Legend of Zelda I'm missing. I find the wii controls gimmicky, almost like everything Nintendo is coming out with now.

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Thanks again for the kind words.

Brian Mardiney,

This is my "Nintendo Break Up Take Me Back Love Letter"


Its because of you I registered for this site. You have expressed my thoughts and I am sure the thoughts of millions of zelda fans perfectly.


I dont want to fight a control system. When I first got the wii, the motion controls were exellent, for about a month. After that, it morphed into a gimmick.  I am almost 29 years old and I enjoyed my first Zelda game when I was around 6 or 7 years old and will have no problem playing the Legend of Zelda (part 1) this very day, and do you know why? Because I can lay down, eat a bag of chips, drink Jack Daniels and keep the joy pad on my stomach, arrow Gannon and save Zelda without missing a beat. 


An announcement for a "normal controller" would have been a dream. In my own opionion, the Nintendo controller was great and the Super Nintendo controller expanded on its greatness. After that, i dont know wtf happened....N64? that controller was always terrible.....Gamecube? less terrible but still terrible. If I cant intelligently play a fighting game on a Nintendo controller, its wortless. There is a reason why Dreamcast, Xbox (twice) and Playstation (four times, with the PSP) took a page out of the Super Nintendo Controller playbook.


A Link to the Past had no motion controls. 30 items to use and collect and NO MOTION CONTROLS. No gimmicks, no memory card, no polygons, 6 buttons, no remake, no sequel, no 3D (hell, it wasnt even called PART 3!), no skull kids, no masks, no twilight, no hourglasses, minicaps, and NO SKY! When I played Link to the Past, all i had was a boomerang and a boner. A BOOMERANG aaaand a BONER.  Ocarina was okay.  As for Masked Ocarina , well I cant speak on it because I have only  played it for less than 3 hours. However, I do feel it was rushed in production but I do, at the same time respect its fans and following.


Wind Waker. Quality, solid, great game. NOT better than Link to the Past, but a great game no less. After Link to the Past, it was the best at capturing the imagination and fantasy that true Zelda fans crave. Nintendo did, however, suker punch its way out of having a Hyrule, let alone a real map.


Twilight Princess. I want to like this game. I want to LOVE this game, but it is so very hard for me to do so. Maybe its just me, but it s not feel like what a true Zelda sequal should feel like. This game is not timeless, and i dont have to own it, and I sure dont dont have to beat it. Sad but true.


If this is going to continue, please dont call these next games "The Legend of Zelda........"

call them "Link's Motion Contol Action Wii!!" and "Link's Motion Control Action Wii!! 2". Don't make them part of Legend. Don't force the hardcore fans, especially those in cyberspace to find a place for them on the Zelda timeline, which I am sure they are capable of.  Please? Nintendo..................Please?


I do not think true fans have outgrown the Legend of Zelda, but I  do think Nintendo has outgrown its true fans. We are useless to Nintendo now. This is because we walk into stores like like zombies, thirsting for the new zelda, and after facing the disappointed we knew we would face, we dive off of the cliff like lemmings, only to resurface when a new Nintendo system debuts and a new zelda game emerges. Nintendo just wants to expand on its zombies.


Listen, I LOVE Nintendo, I OWN a Wii (as well as xbox360 and ps3), I WILL BUY Skyward Sword, but I am NOT HAPPY. Nintendo does NOT appeal to fans and hasnt made me happy since around 1992. ALL I want is for Nintendo to be the gaming beast it once used to be and become the gaming empire that I know it can. Listen, Im a lawyer, I make a ton of dough, and i want to spend half my dough on video games, so I am concerned about this next Zelda.


Also wtf is the deal with the Mario and Zelda Anniversary paks? Open your eyes Nintendo, these franchises and your fans have made you millions and all we get is a lousy in game music cover album.


Thanks Brian, and I FEEL the condescension.

I don't own a wii because I HATE the whole motion control thing.  It's alright for some games or if you're trying to loose weight or something, but combining Zelda and wii is one big mistake.  The first issue I see with this game is the graphics.  Tp had the best graphics of any zelda game and I would love to see them make another one in that fashion.  I couldn't adjust to the windwaker graphics.  It didn't feel like I was playing a zelda game.  Contrary to a lot of opinions, graphics DO matter.  Personally the more realistic and the less cartoonish or abstract the better.  As far as the story goes, I don't really care.  As long as there are dungeons and tons of side quests it doesn't matter to me.  Tp (for gamecube) was by far my favorite just because of the graphics.  The weapons weren't that great though.  the spin top and ANOTHER hook shot blew it for me.  So to wrap it up; more realistic graphics, better weapons, and more side quests.  

Can I plug my GAMECUBE CONTROLLER in my WII console and play the ZELDA SKYWARD SWORD
with my Gamecube Controller ??????????? I just can't give up my GC controller !!!....Thanks

Интересная штука - эти блоги. Что ни новость, так повод для общения :)

Haha, damn...that's hot.

"If the Hylian wunderkind strolled down my street right now, I’d let him ride on my back and call me Epona.  Or “bitch”."

You add some of that patented Link grunting and you've got some nice rule 34 going.

With you on Twilight Princess though. Started and never finished it. Lost interest with all the wolfiness.

Mardiney, I was with you . . . until you ripped the OoT. Not cool. And I'm guessing Rich either hasn't seen that little nugget, or that he's plotting his revenge, as that's like his favorite game ever.

Ah Zelda. It was the first Legend of Zelda on the NES that convinced me that I wasn't just an awkward kid... I was an action hero! I also sometimes feel these games should be called LINK, for obvious reasons. Now to the point: I don't own a Wii but every time a new Metroid game is released I get antsy for one. Motion control just doesn't appeal to me all that much. I have tried my friends' Wii consoles and after a few minutes I just want to sit and use a regular controller. Don't get me wrong, I love being active but not in this fashion--suddenly I feel like an awkward kid and not an action hero!

Watching the E3 Demo for Zelda the Skyward Sword was a bit of a revelation for me. How many times do we want a different adventure in this exact same world? How many different versions of Death Mountain must we traverse before NINTENDO realizes that it's okay to send one of our favorite heroes (whom we get to live vicariously through) to a new world? The game looks like way too much more of the same. I think NINTENDO is definitely afraid of putting Link in a hyper-real world a la God of War, and maybe they're right to be weary of this, but give it the upgrade that Metroid received with Metroid Prime.

Maybe the trailer and demo didn't show us the best that the game has to offer. Maybe we're all just a bunch of idiots. Remember the Windwaker Skepticism? I loved that game, as I think most Zelda fans ultimately did. This new incarnation looks very much like the love-child of Windwaker and Twilight Princess (or even further back--Ocarina of time). Like I said, more of the same. Even the beloved Mario has been propelled to into the GALAXY--twice! Super Mario Sunshine may not have been the best of the franchise but it was challenging and at least they tried something different, a push that I think is sorely needed to allow Zelda to break out of the NINTENDO womb and start exploring the vast possibilities that such a fantastic concept deserves. I'm not saying put Link into space, but... it worked for Mario...

I actually think that Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda only because it seemed to be "about something". It felt like, in tying into Ocarina and Majora's Mask, Wind Waker was finally establishing a continuity and epic saga. But then Twilight Princess came along and just gave us more of the same "reboot" story and gameplay. Japanese audiences may love Final Fantasy and Zelda, where every game is a new universe and a reboot, but American audiences are becoming more and more accustomed to serial dramas. Metal Gear, as silly and stupid as it is, is at least trying to weave an epic tale. Zelda is stuck, by accident or design or both.

by 'evolved beyond' i meant beyond puzzle and gameplay orientation. motion plus seems like zelda is taking a cheap gimmicky route to promote the wii and other aspects of zelda that i treasure dearly will suffer. puzzles however, are a fundamental aspect that i absolutely never want to suffer- quite the contrary; i thought TP was too easy. i just don't want nintendo to adopt the attitude of 'oh, well zelda fans don't really care about story or graphics- they just want puzzles and wacky gameplay'. not... entirely true. i place great value in story and art style. i either would like to see zelda create a perfect game, which is legitimate art if done correctly (good writing, plot, graphics, music, gameplay, etc) OR if nintendo can't do that, have zelda port over to epic-poem style novels or big budget movies. i understand not everyone feels this way. i'm just a very ambitious fan.

like i said before, i foresee zelda's downfall with wii motion plus and if THAT'S what the future holds, zelda must evolve. i hope i cleared that up. thanks for replying.

"perhaps zelda has simply evolved beyond the gaming world and can only move us on a higher plateau i.e. books, cinema or pieces of art or music?"

Just wanted to point this line out. Books, movies and music are not "higher art" than games. They are exactly equal. More to the point, Zelda is better in game form than it ever could be in books, movies and music (especially music). To say that taking it to those other forms would "raise it to a higher plateau" is sort of displaying an inferiority complex with regards to gaming.

That said, I understand (and mostly agree) with your frustration and disappointment.

thank you. seriously, i don't know you but i want to be your friend. i have been skeptical, disappointed and frankly, opposed to this game since its revelation. i cannot believe it's receiving such blind support from the zelda community- it feels like i've been screaming in a vacuum. my zelda career has spanned almost 20 years and i know what works and what doesn't and i can firmly say that motion plus is the demise of zelda. given TP's mature step forward and the stunning artwork we received last e3, i was prepared for a vast, tolkien-esque, epic poem of a game- one that would capitalize on the franchise's history and lore, one that would give our hero a voice; to be a fully fleshed, empathetical human being to identify with, one to take us deeper into the darkness- one zelda to end all zeldas. alas, maybe that is just what i wished nintendo would do and at e3 2010, i was painfully dragged down to earth. the fruit of nintendo's five year efforts yielded a... well, a wii game. a stupid, simple, family-friendly wii game that is forsaking a greater destiny. i'm not interest in wii motion plus. i don't care about using the nunchuck to use the bow, and i don't give a good goddamn about 'pocket items'. the graphics are another gross problem- they keep the TP link- which is good- and remove the shading and detail and gave him baggy pants- which is bad. and the excuse for the art style is 'impressionism paintings' is endlessly enraging; now all zelda fans can be not disappointed and sleep better because "oh, i see, impressionist paintings! that makes sense!'' provides an excuse not to be let down. what a load of bullshit. no one even knew what impressionism was before e3. and lastly, the title is just simply awful. skyward sword? really? titles like 'ocarina of time', 'a link to the past' and 'twilight princess' are creative and poetic; i mean, I didn't know who or what the twilight princess was. skyward sword, after the gimmicky motion display, sounds like a bad sales pitch. please wake up, zelda fans, this offering is unacceptable and it's okay to say so.

i REALLY hope i'm overreacting and the game is better than i'm giving it credit for but as of now, i don't think that's the case. i feel betrayed and abandoned and i fear for zelda's future. it looks bleak. perhaps zelda has simply evolved beyond the gaming world and can only move us on a higher plateau i.e. books, cinema or pieces of art or music? food for thought. if anyone feels inclined to reply, i'll welcome it but PLEASE be courteous and constructive- comments like 'oh, you're just pissed cuz blah blah' or 'fuck you douche, nintendo doesn't owe you anything' are NOT helpful. i'm interested in the exchange of ideas, not irate arguments. thank you.

See I didn't know that (about the old controllers working). I had a N64 and Gamecube, exclusively, during those two generations solely because I found the controllers more workable.

But you are right, I'm not really sure Nintendo can appeal to me anymore. I just don't go ga-ga for Zelda and Mario. To me it's like seeing "The Dark Knight" and then trying to appreciate Tim Burton's "Batman". Sure there are lots of people than can do that (and even maintain that Burton's is better) but I'm not one of them. You can't go home again :/

Brian, the Wii actually has two "normal" controllers. You can use the Classic Controller, which is pretty much a Super Nintendo Controller, or you can plug in a Gamecube controller, which, in my opinion is one of the best controllers ever made. A Gamecube controller fits perfectly in my hands and while the buttons may look funny, they for whatever reason, work. The last thing Nintendo needs is ANOTHER control scheme.

Granted, not everybody who designs Wii games makes it work with the Gamecube or Classic controller, especially not Nintendo first-party games that always try to use the system to its fullest (and newest) potential.

As both a PS3 and Wii owner I have to say that even with the Playstation Move (which some people are calling the Wiimote-HD), comparing the two systems just doesn't work as they both produce wildly different games. If you need your shooters and your "hardcore" games (I really hate that term) then you have your PS3. If you want your Zelda and Mario games, which are almost guaranteed to be enjoyable, then you need a Wii. By your post however, it's possible that Nintendo's first-party titles aren't necessary for you.

Evan, I really enjoyed reading your post and it made me wonder about motion controls in Zelda games. I loved Twilight Princess but I didn't particularly enjoy using the Wiimote functionality; I tolerated it. If, however, the new Zelda actually feels close to 1:1 controls, then I may feel differently.

Also, I think the graphics look really great, as if they meshed Wind Waker and Twilight Princess into one style. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

The one thought that occurs to me when I think of a "good" game on the Wii is: "Oh no, I'm trapped." Meaning, if I like the game, but hate the motion controls used to play the game, I'm trapped between a rock and a hard place. I have to fight the controls, wrestle with them, just to play a game I like.

Ironically, if they had used the Zelda release to announce a NORMAL controller you could buy for the Wii, that would have been exciting. Put simply, a normal controller already worked better for Zelda than motion control ever could. Nintendo actually regressed their functionality. My girlfriend and I have been mulling over buying a Wii for over a year now, and after we both watched the Sony E3 conference, the choice is not crystal clear: if we want motion controls AND actual funtionality AND good games, the PS3 is no-brainer answer. Wii's stock in our minds is now completely torpedoed.

And now that you mention it, A Link to the Past was the last time Zelda was good, with a brief flash of quality with Wind Waker. Ocarina is overrated and Twighlight Princess is just Ocarina with better graphics, so it's VERY overrated, being wholly unoriginal. I think, on the whole, I've outgrown Zelda, and most other Nintendo franchises. Like when you stop watching the Disney channel (can you FEEL the condescension?!?!).

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