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Rush 2112 Album Fully Playable in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Rush's 2112 Album which featured epic Progressive Rock tracks such as the six-part 20 minute song "2112" and "The Twilight Zone" will be available to play on the newest iteration of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. A video interview trailer with the band can be seen after the break.

The video also focuses on how the single-player campaign will be fleshed out more so than any other Guitar Hero game (possibly more-so than any other game in the music genre actually). Personally, the single-player story line really does not affect me as I loved the Guitar Hero series for it's multiplayer experience.

I say "loved" in the past tense because the song list in recent games has strayed away from metal, and more importantly for me, progressive metal. Having Rush prominently featured in the game did make me curious about the set list. I was praying for some Planet X in there and less Heart but looking at the list, I'll settle for Megadeth and Stone Temple Pilots. It's at least a step in the right direction.

Sigh, I just miss the original Guitar Hero set list; it gave me such high hopes for the series. Anyway, here's that video I mentioned before: