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Halo: Reach will slap down annoying gamers this September

In an interview with the folks over at, Bungie’s Community Director, Brian Jarrard, has announce that with Halo: Reach, they will attempt what so many gamers have always dreamed of, the metaphorical bitch slapping of annoying pricks on X-Box LIVE.

Jarrard claims that Bungie has developed tools that will allow them to detect and penalize gamers who make a habit of leaving unfinished multiplayer sessions out of spite, an all too common phenomenon known as ragequitting. However, Jarrard doesn’t appear to go into much detail regarding how Bungie actually intends to achieve this feat, and we’re left to ponder the future of online gaming, at least until the full interviews is posted over at X360A.

Given Jarrard’s claim that their desire is to eventually “remove them [ragequitters] from the population so they can’t make everyone else keep having a bad time,” I have to wonder how much X-Box LIVE the folks over at Bungie actually play. The cleansing of X-Box LIVE of all the pricks and jackasses that frequent it is truly a noble cause, and I only hope that Bungie is successful in this endeavor. But in the dark and pessimistic corner of my soul (ok ok…it’s more of a hemisphere than a corner) I can’t help but wonder, if we depopulate X-Box LIVE of the ragequitters; the foul mouthed, racist, homophobic 13 year olds; the spawn campers; and all of the other assorted jerks, will there be anyone left online to play with?