Crispy Gamer

QuakeCon2010, August 12 - 15. Fine tuning rocket launchers, recharging shields, and figuring out how to use a video camera.


Representing Crispy Gamer, next week I will be attending QuakeCon2010 in Dallas, TX. 4 days of peace, love and rockets, QuakeCon is the biggest LAN party in North America. The DFW area will see a dramatic rise in it’s mean IQ and celibacy levels as thousands of gamers will be flocking downtown Dallas with their PCs in tow in order to participate in this massive BYOC (bring your own computer) event. As this massive network forms it will be home to countless deathmatches, CTF battles and even World Class Tournaments, and I’ll be there to provide coverage for you, my dear readers. 

I’m preparing by trying to figure out where I can rent a digital video camera, as well as a manual on how to use it. At the very least though, I’ll bring my trusty camera along in order to document the festivities.

See you there.

-Chase Slaton