Crispy Gamer

Preview: Blade Kitten

Recently, I had the chance to check out Atari and Krome's new game, Blade Kitten. Based on a webcomic, you play as the pink haired, cat...person(?), Kit Ballard as she hacks and slashes her way through hordes of future-soldiers and robots. The anime style is the first thing I noticed as the colors and "cuteness" factor will smack you in the face in the first five seconds.

But once you take a fire extinguisher to your own eyeballs, the gameplay is frantic and solid. Kit is never actually armed, instead she wields a floating sword with magic or telekinesis or [insert lame plot device here]. This leaves her hands free to grab onto walls and ceilings as she makes her way through the vibrant environments. The game is a sidescrolling action game but uses 3D architecture. This open the game up to layered levels within a single area, where soldiers will jump from the background to the foreground and back again.

The other remarkable aspect of this game is the never-ending sense of forward movement. Kit moves through the levels effortlessly, running, jumping, climbing, twirling, slicing...but always moving forward. It reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog, only with a big ass sword.

If cutesy anime appeals to you, and you dig kinetic, fast-paced action, be sure to check out Blade Kitten when it releases September 22nd.