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Core Gamers Spend More Time Playing Than Ever

After a year that saw AAA high-profile titles released nearly every month, core gamers appear to be spending more and more time playing console and portable games, according to a report by Lazard Capital Markets listed on Gamasutra yesterday. As new business models emerge and new products are introduced into the industry, casual gamers are moving away from traditional consoles and finding newer ways to game, including buying games on iPhones, iPads, and free browser titles.

Some of the trends the group found in their study includes decreased interest in the Wii and music titles (as evidenced by declining Wii and Guitar Hero sales) and an increased pick-up in browser and mobile games. Core gamers are still highly interested in AAA titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption, with Lazard’s findings indicating that 25% of consumers have a “strong” interest in purchasing Black Ops.

Lazard further goes on to indicate how the importance of game reviews influence consumer decisions, predicting that Call of Duty will triple the amount of sales that Medal of Honor receives, though that indicator could change depending on the latter’s critical reception.

 Lazard’s findings also found strong consumer interest in Move and Kinect, with 21% of those polled indicated a “strong” interest in Move with 25% interested in Kinect. This could result in extending the life of the current generation of consoles and another three to four year wait before we eventually see a console refresh.