Crispy Gamer

Too Many Games

I remember a time when good game releases used to be spaced apart, when I was only interested in a couple of games that were coming out and was able to choose between them.

As I grew older and game development became easier and more popular, I still only bought a few games a year. This was in the days of renting games from Blockbuster for a week, when you could quickly decide whether I hated a game, loved it enough to buy it, or got it out of my system with the rental.

I can't tell if the industry has simply become better at making good games or if my deeper interest in gaming has made me more aware of these games, but more and more I'm constantly overwhelmed by new releases and a large backlog of releases I'd missed. I used to be able to take my time with an RPG and even go back to replay games, but today I have 18 games I've started but haven't finished across four systems, either because new games took precedence or because I was playing something else for review.

It's dizzying, not only because I have to keep re-learning the controls for each game I go back to, but also because having so much to play has taken a toll on my attention span, leaving me easily distracted. I also have little time to read and practice my hobbies of writing and photography. It's a vicious cycle, but in the end I'd rather have an overwhelming amount of good games than none at all.