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Duke Nukem Forever Special Edition

We're approaching the 14th anniversary (I know, right) of the first mention of Duke Nukem Forever back in 1997. Gearbox Software is sticking to their guns as today they have announced that there will be a Balls of Steel edition of the game available for immediate preorder at a video game retailer near you.

In true Duke Nukem fashion, this over-the-top special edition package (pun intended) includes a 100-page hardcover art book, comic book, and even a bust of the King himself. Pending another worldwide economic meltdown and maybe an early apocalypse, you should expect both standard and special editions of Duke Nukem Forever to hit North America on May 3rd and May 6th worldwide.

You could write a pretty hefty history book on all the events that have taken place since April 1997, but I hope the game makes us all forgive and forget.


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